Curator of the speech

My dear Internet friends:

    Welcome to the official website of Zhangjiajie Museum

    As an important part of the public cultural service system of Zhangjiajie city, Zhangjiajie City Museum is not only a place to collect collections, display and study objects representing the natural and human cultural heritage, but also a cultural and educational institution to provide knowledge education and appreciation for the public

    Zhangjiajie in September 2016, the museum is open to the public for free, building area of 15395 square meters, is the province is currently the only set of geological science history and culture of the folk custom of urban planning in a body's comprehensive museum, the geological museum historical cultural center and the city construction planning of three parts on the first floor of geological museum introduces the evolution process of the geological environment of zhangjiajie, the historical cultural center on the second floor tells the story of zhangjiajie local conditions and customs and history change red memory, the third floor hall reviewed the development course of zhangjiajie city urban construction planning, and spread out the blueprint of the future city construction planning

    Museum is a museum in the new era of popularization of culture mission zhangjiajie museum holds on blending inheritance and innovation of concept, make full use of its own resources advantage, make urban culture in the lounge, the construction of social education position opening, zhangjiajie museum website for we communicate across time and space with the public dialogue has provided a broad and convenient platform, we wanted to increase public understanding of the museum, stimulate the participation of the public and love, with you hand in hand to spread the outstanding traditional culture to protect cultural heritage Welcome netizens to visit our museum, so that you can relax after work and have a pleasant cultural experience