ZhangJiaJie Museum

Wuling collection

The museum is located in the west and faces the east. It began to prepare for construction in 2005, with a total construction area of 15395m. The main building was completed in May 2014, and the basic display of the museum is composed of the geological Museum history Museum and the urban construction planning Museum.
Show Guide
Open to the outside world all year round free of charge
The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday,Closed on Monday
Service Directory:
  • first floor:Geological Exhibition hall, office hall, lobby, lounge, Coffee lounge, Multifunctional lecture Hall, 4D video hall
  • second floor:The first hall of preface: Zhangjiajie Story Of the second Hall: Watchkeeping spirit home of the third hall: 100 years of memory office area
  • third floor:Preface hall 、urban planning exhibition hall、office area
  • Traffic guide:number 1 bus、number 2 bus、number 5 bus、number 10 bus and so on
  • The pavilion address:Zhangjiajie Dayong Bridge Park opposite in the cultural square
  • telephone number: 0744-8209899
The pottery pottery of the Western Han Dynasty with three bowls of knives looks serve her art
width:9.6cm height:16.6cm
Warring States Tiger shape king copper seal
width:1.5cm height:1.5cm
Feilong Gold ornaments of song Dynasty
width:6.8cm height:3.4cm
Western Jin celadon glaze printing hu Zi
caliber:12.5cm height:18cm