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Show Guide:
Open to the outside world all year round free of charge

opening hours:
Every day from 9:00 am to 16:30 PM (no ticket collection at 15:30, no admission at 16:00), Mondays closed

transportation guide:
address:Inside the cultural Square opposite The Dayong Bridge Park in Zhangjiajie
telephone number: 0744-8209899
Traffic guide:number 1 bus、number 2 bus、number 5 bus、number 10 bus and so on

Service Directory:
first floor:Geological Exhibition hall, office hall, lobby, lounge, Coffee lounge, Multifunctional lecture Hall, 4D video hall
second floor:The first hall of preface: Zhangjiajie Story Of the second Hall: Watchkeeping spirit home of the third hall: 100 years of memory office area
third floor:Preface hall 、urban planning exhibition hall、office area

plan sketch: